29 Jan 2015

The Next Adventure

I didn't want to say anything just in case it didn't happen. But it has and you'll never believe it... WE'RE GOING TO INDIA! If I'm being honest, even I can't really believe it. Flights have been booked and dates are basically set in stone! From the 12th July to the 8th of September, once again, I will be living out of my suitcase.

All photos have been taken off pinterest.com
Of course I am ecstatic and beyond excited. India has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Not just because of the Taj Mahal, the elephants and all the beautiful culture but also because India is somewhat of a mystery to me. I have heard so much about it but I can't imagine it, so I'm excited to experience it for myself.  

25 Jan 2015

Travel Tips: How I Plan a Trip

Planning a trip... I don't even know where to begin... Planning is difficult, overwhelming, frustrating, time consuming... pretty much all the words for stressful you can possibly think of. I'm not going to say it's easy because it's not. The people that say it's easy are either; a. lying to you, b. have buckets of money or c. went on an organised tour, where they didn't have to do any planning themselves. But planning is the most crucial and obviously the most expensive part of travelling. Hopefully I'll be able to offer some guidance to make it less stressful!

18 Jan 2015

Travel Tips: How I Afford to Travel

Every single time I tell a friend that I am planning on travelling over Summer, their expression turns into a picture of astonishment and confusion. 

Didn't you go travelling last year?!... and the year before that?! How on earth do you afford it all?

14 Jan 2015

The Student Traveller's Guide to Bali

Recently a few of my friends (this is for you, Maria and Mum!) have been planning their trips to Bali and like me last year, have no idea where to start. I just knew Bali as... well... Bali, the place with great surf and great beaches.

12 Jan 2015

My Top 7 Destinations for 2015

With the New Year fully under way, it's time to think about new experiences and new adventures. 
The thought of a brand new adventure and a brand new country is always exciting, trust me I know. That feeling when you look at a map and start planning a route, the shivers of excitement that run down your spine, the jitters you get when you start looking at flights, it's easy to get carried away... 

5 Jan 2015

Happy New Year!

pinched off @frankiebods instagram
As the new year rolls in, I am feeling more motivated than ever. My room has had a pre spring clean and whilst my desk may remain cluttered, the rest of my room is not and you know what they say, tidy room, tidy mind! (And no, I don't mean kitchen... that is supposed to be the saying... right?) So for the first year ever, I have thought of some semi decent new years resolutions which I am going to try the best of my ability to keep. So without further ado, drum roll please.... 

4 Jan 2015

A Very Late Christmas Post

'Twas the season to be jolly, fire were lit and turkeys stuffed. Like most people I wasn't so jolly as I ran from shop to shop trying to buy presents for everyone in between long shifts at work and everlasting uni work in preparation for the new term.