31 Aug 2014

Ko Phi Phi

I have just spent the last two days in Koh Phi Phi... and I think this maybe one of the most beautiful islands I have seen yet. 

28 Aug 2014

The Highlights of Bali

Yes.... I'm still in the airport... and I'm still bored... But I've cleverly figured out I can write a post now but not actually publish it... Ingenious right (did I use the 'in' correctly that time Dad?)

So whilst being sat in the airport, I've been given time to reminisce the wonderful 10 days I have just experienced and to pick out my favourite parts of Bali.

Dolphin Watching

For me, it's must. It's a long way to go for only an hour and a half watching but it really is an incredible experience. But then I also think we were really lucky with our boat driver, as a lot of the boats would spot a dolphin and chase after them straight away, but ours told us the dolphins would eventually come to us. He was right. I wouldn't have got half the shots I did if it wasn't for him, I'm lucky not all my photos were completely ruined by loads of other boats, which I'm sure lots of other people's photos are.

27 Aug 2014

Seminyak and Kuta

Second post of the day! Curaaaazy times... but I am stuck in an airport for 8 hours with nothing to do... SO! Seminyak and Kuta... I can already tell that this is going to be a relatively short post as these were probably my least favourite places in Bali.

Surfing and Sunsets, Uluwatu

Well, I've fallen in love with Uluwatu. This place is incredible. Good surf, good people, good atmosphere.

25 Aug 2014

The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are insane, we only went to Gili T but it was absolutely packed with people, bars and restaurants.

21 Aug 2014

The Monkey Forest, Ubud

After an exciting morning watching the Dolphins, we headed back to the south of Bali to Ubud. 

Dolphin Watching

This morning we had the earliest of all mornings, 5am to be precise. And why, oh why would we wake up at this torturous hour? Well, we were dragging ourselves out of bed to go see dolphins at sunrise.

19 Aug 2014

Lovina and the Air Panas Hot Springs, Bali

After a fleeting visit to Malaysia where we encountered a not so Irish bar (the only thing Irish was Guiness) and a trip to the Pentaling markets, we have finally arrived in Bali!

15 Aug 2014

Elephant Nature Reserve Park

Once again T and I were up at 7am for another day of adventures. We had paid B2500 (around 50 pounds) to go the Elephant Nature Reserve Park, one of the things I had been most excited about before leaving for Thailand.

14 Aug 2014

Da's Cooking Class

After a day of doing completely nothing and a rather chilled morning today, Tierney and I headed to a traditional Thai cooking class taught by a kind man called Da.

12 Aug 2014

Chiang Mai

After a 9 hour luxurious bus journey, Tierney and I arrived in Chiang Mai.

Our hostel was called Eco Resort which is absolutely amazing! (We have just moved hostels but Eco Resort is much much better!, I'll do a post on all my accommodation at the end of the trip.) After quickly dropping off our stuff we took our and first Tuk-Tuk ride and headed to the Walking Market, which is a Night Bazaar that only happens on weekends.

11 Aug 2014

Lebua State Tower Sky Bar

When I asked various friends for their advice and opinions of Bangkok, most responses were "Bangkok isn't that great, it's just really overcrowded and dirty. You really won't need much time there." But for me, Bangkok has exceeded expectations and last night I was blown away by Bangkok's beauty.

10 Aug 2014

Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets

After an hour and a half bumping around in a minibus, we arrived in Ratchaburi for our day of exploring the Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets. This day trip was one of the best things I have done in Bangkok, most definitely worth getting up at 6am for. (For those that know me you will understand that getting up at 6am is a big deal for me.)

8 Aug 2014

Night Markets and Temples

After getting up at 2pm on Wednesday morning and discovering Tierney had been ill for most of the night, we decided to have a relaxed day but to explore the night markets that evening. We discovered our hostel is in a pretty ideal location as the night markets were only a 10 minute walk away.

5 Aug 2014

The Start of Thailand

After 2 planes, 16 hours and a 2 hour airport transfer we have finally arrived in our hostel in Bangkok. So far it's been a day of nerves and excitement. When I started writing this we had just boarded our second flight and were already exhausted. I managed to sleep relatively well on our 9 hour flight but poor T and her mile long legs struggled to get any sleep at all.

3 Aug 2014

The Glassboat

photo credit: www.glassboat.co.uk
As my sister leaves for university before I get back from Thailand, we decided to have a family outing before I got my coach to London (I know, I can't believe how fast it has come around!). I took this lunch outing as an opportunity to go to a restaurant I have had my eye on for a long time, The Glassboat in Bristol.