27 Jun 2014

Birthday Celebrations

For me, June is filled with Birthdays (as you could probably tell from my last post), but it also happens to be mine today!

15 Jun 2014

Summer Moments Part 1

With the weather being so spectacular, I have had some glorious summer moments already, which only makes me even more excited for the rest of summer!

12 Jun 2014

The Teenage Years

As my 20th birthday rapidly approaches, I start to think about the past 7 years. The lessons I have learnt, the adventures I have experienced and the memories I have made. It's safe to say I have had some unforgettable ones... 6 countries, 2 schools, 2 boyfriends, 1 festival and countless friends. Here are some of my favourite memories...

6 Jun 2014

A Goodbye Surfing Trip.

With this fella hopefully going off to America this Saturday (all depending on the arrival of his CRB check), I took a couple of days out of my soon-to-be hectic schedule to have a few days surfing in Woolacombe with Charlie.

3 Jun 2014

The Finale of First Year

In September 2013, I embarked on my second adventure of the year. I was heading to Bath to start University. 3 house mates down, 20 books read, 8 essays written, 2 exams taken and 0 real meals cooked, my first year of university has flown by and Summer is finally here.