25 Jul 2014

Summer Moments Part 2

I figured I would get another one of these posts in before I set off to Thailand (which is a week on Monday AAAHHHHHH, I still can't believe how quickly it's come around!)

17 Jul 2014

London Madness

At 8.30 on Tuesday morning, I woke up bright and early to visit one of my favourite friends in one of my favourite cities. I was on the way to be reunited with my American partner in crime; Sophie.

14 Jul 2014

Travel Tips: What's in my Backpack

I guess normally this kind of post would be what isn't in my suitcase; before every trip I pack up the majority of my belongings including clothes I never wear and things I never touch. The kind of things you never throw away because, well, you never know! It might come in useful... I mean why wouldn't I bring a glass photo frame that was clearly going to smash in my suitcase... Yes. That did actually happen... 

5 Jul 2014

Travel Plans

Hello kids, I'm back again sat at my kitchen table on a quiet Saturday evening with not much else planned (I know my life is so exciting and exhilarating), so obviously the obvious thing to do is continue planning my trip to Thailand.