6 Apr 2014

Sunday Evening Antics

For four years Hollister has played a huge part in my life and it is evenings like tonight that make me realise how lucky I am to have co-workers that are like family to me. Yes, I do indeed work for THAT company, but the people that work there are some of the most intelligent, genuine, kind and level headed people I have ever had the fortune to meet and I don't know what I would do without them.

We have recently been holding charity events to raise money for our company charity (AnF Cares) and Save the Children.. We started with themed nights out (that weren't remembered...)

Highly competitive (verging on aggressive and dangerous) sports days against other stores...

And tonight we did a store quiz...

Consisting of great company, excessive amounts of food (8 pizzas and 8 cakes) and some seriously hard questions... (Did you know caterpillars have more muscles than a human?!... Mind BLOWN)

After a weekend of uni work and work it was lovely to just binge eat and hang out with some amazing people. Even if we didn't win... (and came 4th.... out of 6)

Plus it's always a bonus when I get to see this beaut as well!!

And that is how I spent my Sunday evening...

 Hope y'all had a good weekend!!

Steph xoxox

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