16 Mar 2014

Money on the Mind

credit to http://shoudvebeenafteryou.tumblr.com/
I will happily admit that one of my biggest flaws is my constant worry about money. I've written and rewritten so many drafts trying to advise (not only myself, but anyone else who reads this) on how to save money. But in reality, I am as lost as every other person with absolutely no idea how money is slipping through my fingers like water. I am bloody awful at it and always have been, I have no savings account as that was all blown in 2011 (aka the best year of my life, NO REGRETS!).

A couple of photos from 2011.. I'll do a separate post on that year!
I've tried every possible method to try and save money. As much as I'd love to part ways with belongings I don't need any more, I happen to be the biggest hoarder in the universe with an incapability to throw or sell anything. I've attempted a "dry month" with absolutely no nights out or alcohol, buuuut yet again, my money seems to go elsewhere, normally on what I claim to be "necessities" (i.e. getting photos printed or rings. You get the idea, things that aren't necessary at all). Another thing I used to try; splitting my pay check in half. As I'm only working part time, this doesn't deem well with my bank account, as I cannot split it without going well into my overdraft. It's just a constant struggle to save money!! I'm convinced that one day I will win the lottery (ahem, never bought a lottery ticket in my life), or perhaps money will just magically appear into my bank account as quickly as it seems to evaporate. Now, I know that many of you will probably rely on your parents for money, but there is nothing I hate more. Especially after my trip to America (I owe my Dad £1250). But after a lengthy money conversation with my Dad, he taught me a valuable life lesson. You have one life, money is paper and can be made again and again, you have to work hard for money, why not enjoy it whilst you have it?
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