1 Mar 2014

London; China Town and The Experimental Bar.

I love London! I always have and I take any opportunity I have to go back. My excuse last Thursday was my good friend Holly had come back from China for two weeks. Holly is maybe one of the best people I have ever met (that is for another post) and I had to see her. Due to her hectic schedule, we decided it would be best if I headed up to London for a night of adventures and fun.

After queueing for forty minutes for returned tickets of "Book of Mormon", we resigned and headed to China Town for a feast. We went to one of the 78 restaurants in China Town called 'Tiger'. After massive amounts of food and a bottle of bad red wine, we were buzzing and ready for an adventure.

After much debating as to where to continue our adventure, Holly's friend recommended us a place called the 'Experimental Bar'. God knows how difficult it was to find this place! After several laps of China Town, we resorted to asking a group of people if they knew where this mystery bar was. Thankfully they were heading in the same direction and after much reassurance of having an excellent night there, we arrived at a door. Literally, a door. With absolutely no indication that there was anything behind this black door, it isn't surprising that we had difficulty finding it.

On entrance we discovered a dimly lit bar with grand windows and mirrored ceilings with three different floors to enjoy your cocktails on. At £12 a cocktail, it is pricey and certainly not aimed at students (then again, it is London). I can genuinely say I think it was worth the money. After trying multiple different cocktails we settled on a delicious white almost creamy cocktail (unfortunately I don't remember the name but I'll do some research to find it out, I do not recommend the 'Captain Jack').
Photo taken from http://www.timeout.com/london/bars-pubs/experimental-cocktail-club
I would really recommend 'The Experimental Bar'. With good drinks, kind bar staff, a buzzing atmosphere and beautiful vintage interior, it's almost as if you've been taken back in time and you are a part of the 'Great Gatsby'. What made it even better is that I had excellent company making it a night I am not going to forget in a hurry.

 After a drunken cab ride home and some hilarious snapchat videos, we arrived back at Holly's flat where we exchanged gifts. I was spoilt rotten with a MiuMiu purse, Issey Miyake Purfume and a beautiful china elephant. Considering Holly had to be up at 5.30am for work, at 2.30am we crashed pretty quickly. After countless alarms we struggled out of bed. After a brisk jog to Euston Underground Holly manically rushed off to work as we said rapid goodbyes and many promises of seeing each other soon. I purchased my ticket to Victoria and made my way to 'Pret a Manger' where I sit now, with a Croissant and Tea writing this blog post.

As always,

Loads of Love, Steph xoxox

Spoilt Girl! My gifts from Holly!

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