2 Mar 2015

Backyard Adventures 5 // Bristol

Bristol, one of my favourite cities in the world. I guess I'm not alone in my opinion considering it was voted number one city in the UK. I suppose I started loving Bristol in 2010 when I started working for Hollister. My 16 year old self was ecstatic about working in a city after spending the majority of my life in the sheltered countryside. Bristol held mystery, activity, anonymity. If any of you have ever lived in the countryside I'm sure you'll be able to empathise, but in small towns and villages, everyone seems to know you and your business. Bristol was a completely new adventure to me, it's kind of a London meets countryside city if you get me. 


Anyway, today I am going to try and justify my love of Bristol. There is something for everyone in Bristol. There's good shopping, beautiful walks, parks and culture. I am proud to work in this astonishing city and you'll soon see why. 

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

credit to http://www.zzzone.co.uk/

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's iron bridge spanning the Avon Gorge has been one of Bristol's most iconic sight for 150 years. My favourite view of the bridge is without a doubt from the Avon Gorge Hotel, good food, good drinks and that view is just amazing!

credit to swns.com

Cabot Circus

My workplace! If you're a shopaholic, you can't not visit Cabot Circus (also known as the Glass House), with broadmead just opposite this part of  Bristol is abundant with shops. 

Park Street

Or... if you're a more vintage/quirky shopper there'a park street. I will warn you now though, Park Street is one of the steepest high streets in Bristol, so you do have to be on a mission if you're going to get to the top, BUT lucky for you there are plenty of tea shops and cafe's to keep your energy levels high. Park street is right next to college green, one of my favourite places to study in the sun. One of my favourite memories in Bristol was a study session with Tierney followed by a day date in Tea Birds where we got the yummiest cream teas.

Cabot Tower/ Brandon Hill

Credit to Niko Lobo Ratu
Have any of you watched skins? Well if so, I'm sure you'll recognise this park as it features a lot in the TV series. Brandon Hill is beautiful, the first time I saw it I was assisting my friend in a photo shoot and I personally think, she got some of her best shots here. To be honest, I think this beautiful photo speak for itself.

Outdoor Gallery

Bristol's famous street art! People from all over the world have contributed to Bristol's outdoor gallery. Every time I walk down corn street, I am astonished by the size of the art. The pieces are huuuuge. I swear I see a different painting every time I walk there, they just hide and jump out at you around every corner! I took some of my all time favourite photography here.

Bristol Harbour

Credit to Ian Packer
Finally Bristol's floating harbour. The harbour holds many memories for me, lunch at pitcher and piano with my darling friend Laura, eating celebratory ice cream with Tierney after booking our flights to Thailand, drinks at Turtle Bay with the girls, the list goes on and on. It's a wonderful part of Bristol and I couldn't recommend it more.

Well, there you go, my favourite parts of Bristol in a nutshell. You know, writing this post has made me realise just why I love Bristol so much. Whilst the place itself is amazing (seriously I couldn't recommend it more) it's the memories Bristol hold for me that makes it so special, I am so lucky to have a city that is so special to me.

S xo

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