6 Sept 2014

Missing Home

There are so so so many advantages to travelling, you get to see the world and you learn what you are really capable of. During travelling I have been pushed past limits I didn’t think I could possibly go past but now thanks to travelling I know myself that much better. But with so many pros to travelling, of course there are cons, I am now on the last leg of my current adventure and the itch to get home is stronger than ever.­Travelling is hard. No one tells you how hard it is. But it’s because as soon as you are home all those bad memories completely fade away and you wish more than anything you were travelling again.

For the past week I’ve been more home sick than I have ever been before and I find myself wishing the time would go faster… who knows why… maybe because I haven’t seen my boyfriend in three months, maybe because I don’t get to say goodbye to my baby sister before she leaves for university, maybe because I’m really sick of eating rice with every meal. As soon as I came back from America, I wished I was back there more than anything, but as soon as I came to Thailand I remembered how many difficulties I had in America and how hard travelling is. Here are some of the problems I’ve had…

Budgeting yourself every day, you have to be so careful with money. Tierney spent £750 in two weeks and neither of us have any idea how it happened! Everything seems so cheap you just spend and spend and spend. But this leads to the same problem I have at home. The little things lead up to a big amount and you question what you have to show for all that money.

You can read as many reviews as you like on hostelworld but it doesn’t guarantee that place is going to be anything like you imagine. The amount of times I’ve watched the taxi driver zoom away after being dumped outside of what looks like a deserted parking lot in the middle of nowhere is more times than I like to count… I don’t think anything could be more heartbreaking. 

I guess this would seem pretty obvious but in travelling you travel… a lot… a lot more than you anticipate, as soon as you are settled… BAM on to the next place. God knows how you’re getting there. It could be boat, train, plane, taxi maybe even hike… you have no idea how much it will cost but all you know is you have to get there. And preferably before 11pm because that’s the latest time your hostel will check you in. Last year in America, my phone bill racked up to a whopping £100 because I was constantly using data for emails, calling, texting all to ensure the hostel would still check us in because we were arriving so late.

Saying all this… the experiences I have had I wouldn’t change for the world. Maybe I’m just not suited to Thailand. I had the best time exploring Bali and being active every day but in Thailand your activities are much more limited unless you are willing to pay an extortionate amount of money or party all night and spend the next day really hungover. And like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Thailand becomes very repetitive… beach, temple, beer, temple, beach, temple, beer, temple, temple, beach… beer? Did I say temple? 

Maybe I’m just grumpy because I have a really horrible ear infection at the moment and have more time to think about the luxuries of home… Mmmm unlimited food, pyjamas and hot showers... and no mosquitoes... Don't get me wrong, I have had the best time travelling and I wouldn't change what I've experienced for anything, I've met some seriously cool people, seen some stunning sights, made far too many animal friends and surfed some of the biggest waves I've ever surfed...

But there really is no place like home... 

Until next time…


P.S Wish me luck at the Full Moon Party! 

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