17 Jul 2014

London Madness

At 8.30 on Tuesday morning, I woke up bright and early to visit one of my favourite friends in one of my favourite cities. I was on the way to be reunited with my American partner in crime; Sophie.

By the time I had arrived in London it was already lunch time and I was absolutely starving. We headed to Shake Shack, which was one of our favourite burger restaurants in America and that really is saying something, we ate a lot of burgers!

 And it's safe to say we weren't disappointed... I think the picture speaks for itself, after all a picture's worth a thousand words!

Whilst waiting for our food, Sophie had asked me to bring my America Scrapbook for her to have a flick through, I made this scrapbook in the weeks after we came back and it's now one of my most prized possessions. Although carrying it round London was not convenient!

After pointing and laughing at the many many photos, we decided to relive those San Francisco memories and hire Boris bikes to cycle round Hyde Park.

It's safe to say we chose the perfect day for our reunion... The weather was spectacular and a cycle round Hyde Park was something new for both of us!

Of course no trip to London is complete without a trip to Oxford Street... but there was only one place on my list.. Victoria's Secret.

After all that walking we decided it was time for a sit down and relax. Sophie and I headed to Embankment for some country music and drinks in the sun.

Before we knew it we were once again pulling two Boris bikes our of their stands...

This time wasn't so smooth. I guess we hadn't learnt our lesson from San Fran that bikes + roads + Sophie + Steph = DISASTER. 40 frantic minutes later the bikes were put back in their stands and we walked to Leicester Square for a sweet treat.

We parted ways at Green Park tube station and Sophie headed back to Hertfordshire and I headed back to my Aunts where I enjoyed the start of the second season of 'Utopia'. It really was an amazing day and as they say 'work hard play hard'! ;) I had forgotten how much fun Sophie and I had during our adventures in America and I most certainly won't be leaving it another year before I see her again!

- S x

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